Maha Trading Co.,

Silica Gel Breather Manufacturer India and Silica Gel Supplier who supply Desiccant Silica Crystals in Blue & White and Silica beads gel which is used as a desiccant/moisture adsorbent. These desiccants has been the choice of industries as it works very well at low cost. We supply Silica gel packets in Tyvek paper and Non-Owen cloth ranging from 1gm to 25Kg packs.

We are one of the leading Silica Gel Breather manufacturers in India supplying all varieties of tranformer breathers with capacity ranging from 125gm to 15Kg.We provide Silica-gel breather made of aluminum top and bottoms with transparent center portion used in distribution transfomers and bus ducts.We can provide silicagel breather of any customer specifications.

We are leading suppliers from the State of Tamilnadu for Transformer Silica Gel Breathers of all specifications. These Breathers are used to absorb the moisture content from the sucked air, while the transformer oil gets expanded due to heating. Breathers provide an economic and efficient means of controlling the level of moisture entering electrical equipment.

Silica gel

  • White Crystals – Non Indicating Type
  • Blue Crystals – Indicating Type
  • Round/Spherical Beads


Varieties of Silica gel packets

  • Tyvek packets
  • Non Woven packets

Varieties of Silica gel breather

  • Clear view / Transparent Type
  • Metallic Body

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