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Silica Gel

Silica Gel

is a chemical synthetically made from Sodium Silicate.

Silica gel

is used for controlling Humidity.Since it is a


and a moisture adsorbent,goods are prevented from spoilage.

Small pouches of Silica Gel are often seen in all sorts of products that might be affected by excess moisture,condensation. By adding

silica gel packets

while packing, these products can be preserved from spoilage as it adsorbs about 40% of its weight in moisture.

Types of Silica Gel

Silica Gel White (Non Indicating Type)

Silica gel Silica gel beads White Silica gel has good absorption capacity; but it donot have any indicator. So we cannot determine whether the Silica gel has completely absorbed  moisture or not. It is available in two forms:

a) Silica gel Crystals b) Silica gel Beads

Silica Gel Blue (Indicating Type)

Blue Silica gel is prepared by impregnating White Silica gel with Cobalt Chloride - an indicator, which provides the Blue color appearance. When free from moisture it will be blue in color and after adsorbing moisture the particles turn into pink.
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